Cnano Technology is committed to the research and development, production, and sales of carbon nanotubes and graphene, as well as application development. Its commercial applications include lithium batteries, conductive polymer composites, antistatic coatings, tire rubber reinforcement and other applications. The company's products include carbon nanotubes powder, carbon nanotubes conductive paste, graphene composite conductive paste, carbon nanotubes conductive masterbatch, etc . We have international patents about preparation and processing of multi-wall carbon nanotubes and single-wall carbon nanotubes, as well as the technology for the mass production of carbon nanotubes. The company has more than 40 internationally and domestically valid patents related to carbon nanotubes.

Cnano as the representative of China, has led the formulation of the international standard for carbon nanotube conductive pastes (ISO/TS 19808), which has been officially released and implemented in March, 2020. Cnano has led and participated in the formulation of the national standard for carbon nanotubes conductive pastes, which has been formally implemented on December 1, 2017 (GB t33818-2017). As the main drafting unit, the company participated in the formulation of six industrial group standards for grapheme, including: Graphene material terms and codes (T/CGIA001-2018), Name guide of products containing graphene materials (T/CGIA002-2018), Method of determination the iodine adsorption value in graphene material (T/CGIA011-2019), Metal elements content determination method in grapheme material by ICP-OES (T/CGIA012-2019), Determination method of silicon content in graphene material by silicon molybdenum blue spectrophotometry (T/CGIA013-2019), Conductive paste with grapheme using in lithium ion batteries (T/CGIA032-2019).

Cnano has been honored as National Green Factory, Jiangsu Province CNT material Technology and R&D center, Jiangsu Enterprise Technology Center, Post-Doctoral Innovation Practice Base, has also undertaken a number of national 863 and STAT projects.


Jiangsu Cnano Technology becomes a public company in Sep. 25 2019 in STAR market Shanghai stock exchange (Code 688116) .


Jiangsu Cnano Technology Co., LTD has obtained the certifications of ISO9001, ISO14001/T28001, TS16949.

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